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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner

Winner!! picked number 1 for our winner this week!
Spoiler Alerts Below!!
So do you think that there are still elements of racism in employer/employee relations are concerned where black people work for white people? What about the other way around?
Do you think that the recent election of the first black president had anything to do with atonement? This question is one that I (MiMi, blame me) have been pondering because I've heard it discussed on TV and in the news. Leaving your political stance (if that's possible?) to the side, can you say whether you think it was based on atonement or qualifications alone?

Sunday is the first day to start our new book, so next week's Spoiler Alert will be wrapping up discussion on The Help.


  1. Yay me!! Go Amanda, Go cant see my dance but you can picture it right?

  2. I just finished "The Help". I simply loved it. And your last question is so deep my head is going to explode.

    I think the author was able to weave in all sorts of textures of isn't just black and white right down the middle. And this comment box is going all weird...

    Trying to decide if I can fit the next book in...what to do?

    Giveaways...I have not been paying close enough attention...hmmm...or can't follow directions.

  3. Boy what questions you ask!! I personally don't think Obama was elected for atonement or qualifications. I still can't figure out why he was elected. But I am sure tired of anyone that disagrees with him being called racist. I don't see racism in employer/employee relations. However I think that there is a tendacy to be reverse racism now. The Help was a great book. I loved it and after reading the one I check out of the library I bought a copy for my personal library. It was a great book.