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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Giveaway

Alright, ladies! How do you like the book so far?
I'm loving it, the farther I read the more I get to where I don't want to put it down.
Stay organized with a purse sized journal (around 5x7), funky paperclips and of course: doesn't everyone need a little Tootsie Roll chapstick?
Spoilers Below!!
There are so many questions and topics that we could discuss about this book and I want to do it justice. But right now there is only one question that I have burning in my brain that I want to ask you.

If the white ladies think that the help is so dirty and disease ridden that they need to have their own toilets, plates, etc.; then why do they leave the help to raise their kids?


  1. Okay, so besides the fact that the white ladies (and I use the term "ladies" loosely) are ignorant and hypocritical I can't figure why they would leave the help to raise their babies.
    Maybe because they like their kids less than the help? Maybe because they're so lazy they don't care?
    I think in Elizabeth's case she is just following the leader. Hilly does it so she does too. But she's always trying to make it look like she is better off than she is too. Maybe if she didn't have the help she would be able to afford some of the fancy things she wants? I don't know, just puttin' stuff out there to see what you all think.

  2. I decided that the "southern ladies" were way different than the rest of us. They were raised to be lazy southern bells maybe?? Anyway they were sure more concerned about themselves than thier kids. The weird thing to me is that I was around back then (Yikes I actually admitted that) and didn't realize just how bad it was for blacks in the 1960's. Maybe living in the northwest is the reason I didn't know these things. Apparently the south didn't rise above thier civil war attitudes, wonder if they have now.

  3. Okay so I can't spell today and spell check didn't work. Their, their, their. Does that make up for it?

  4. Im still waiting for my book to come in but I am really looking forward to this one! Cant wait to read it!

  5. U haven't even started it yet, but I really really want to!! I've been to cheap to buy it. grrr I need to get to the library and fast!!

  6. I am loving this book. I read until 1 AM knowing I had to get up at 5:30. I can't put it down!!

    I AM from the South and my mom and her siblings had a Nigger Maid. I am relaying that verbatim without malice. They called her that and she called herself that when she introduced herself to me at my Aunt's funeral. My family loved Eula Mae (yes, that IS her name) deeply and while she was NEVER treated the way that these maids are treated she was definitely considered "the help".

    I believe that the book is looking at a very small microcosm of women that were self centered and easily led, but I do think that the cultural divide was very, very real in a lot of places. These women were left to care for children because it was simply the way it was back then in that place and very few people were bright enough to realize it could change.

    The book absolutely fascinates me and I can't wait to send it to my Mom when I'm done. She's dying to read it.

  7. I hate to admit I haven't even started the book. And I am really not sure I will have time to read this one. Which really annoys me and almost gives me anxiety. I feel like it is a homework assignment I am going to have to confess I didn't do. I still have a few weeks left in the month so hopefully between pumpkin patches, birthday party & halloween I can read the book.

  8. Oh please don't get stressed out!! You totally don't have to read it, this is totally voluntary!!!!