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We will be reading one book a month. We will have weekly group discussions if you are interested with a final discussion at the end of the month. The new book choice for the following month will be posted at least two weeks before the beginning of the new month. You can pick and choose if you want to participate. We will have at least one giveaway each month for our readers! If you have any book suggestions, please email either Jessica or MiMi. We are in new territory, so we might have to work out some kinks as we go along. We hope you make new friends and have fun!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Sorry ladies, I had this ready to go yesterday, you know, on TUESDAY, and I thought it was scheduled but it was sitting in drafts. So, a day late, here it is.
This is our first Spoiler Alert for our new book, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.

I actually wasn't able to get a copy of this book, so I went to and purchased it. If any of you are interested in listening to the book instead of reading, I suggest going to to get it for your iPod.

It's a whole lot different to listen to a book then to read it. The reader of this novel has so much inflection in her voice and does the different characters in different voices, which makes it very interesting.

Spoilers Below!!
Poor CeeCee's mom has a mental affliction of some kind. This was in the 1950's where it was not uncommon, in fact, it was common practice to lobotomize people with minimal afflictions.
Do you think Camille was schizophrenic, bi-polar or something else?
Do you blame CeeCee's father and his absence for a lot of her problems?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

This is going to be the last Spoiler Alert for Bitter is the New Black.
The reason is because April's book pick is probably going to have more talking points and April is a shorter month, so I am thinking we will start the Spoiler Alerts on Tuesday, March 30th.
We want to hear how you've liked Jen Lancaster.
Is this the first of her books you've read?
Will you read more?
What do you think was the funniest part?
Do you know anyone like her or are you, yourself, like her?

Come back next Tuesday when we begin our April's pick, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have our April book pick ready to announce!
Are you ready??
We think this is gonna be a good one.
April's book pick is:

Go here to see Amazon's book page for this pick.
**This is a new release.**

From Publishers Weekly
Hoffman's debut, a by-the-numbers Southern charmer, recounts 12-year-old Cecelia Rose Honeycutt's recovery from a childhood with her crazy mother, Camille, and cantankerous father, Carl, in 1960s Willoughby, Ohio. After former Southern beauty queen Camille is struck and killed by an ice cream truck, Carl hands over Cecelia to her great-aunt Tootie. Whisked off to a life of privilege in Savannah, Ga., Cecelia makes fast friends with Tootie's cook, Oletta, and gets to know the cadre of eccentric women who flit in and out of Tootie's house, among them racist town gossip Violene Hobbs and worldly, duplicitous Thelma Rae Goodpepper. Aunt Tootie herself is the epitome of goodness, and Oletta is a sage black woman. Unfortunately, any hint of trouble is nipped in the bud before it can provide narrative tension, and Hoffman toys with, but doesn't develop, the idea that Cecelia could inherit her mother's mental problems. Madness, neglect, racism and snobbery slink in the background, but Hoffman remains locked on the sugary promise of a new day. 

Please go pick the book up or put it on hold at your library in order to have it for April.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Aw, crap. I just realized that we are supposed to be telling you all next month's book pick. Like, yesterday.
Oh well, I think we have one, we just have to post on it, so be looking for it.
Anyway, what to talk about this week?
Are you all done with the book, already?
I'm still laughing at her jaunt down to pick up the marathon info for her friend. Fat girl surrounded by lots of skinny do the math. It was hilarious!

So, what do you all like so far?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Ladies. Ladies, ladies ladies!
This is going to be such a hard book to do Spoiler Alerts on.
I can't ask you what you think of this author's motives because she pretty much puts it all on the line.
This feels like a book that we all need to get together and drink some coffee and dish about.
And who wouldn't love it if she came? Jen Lancaster seems like the kind of woman who would love to sit and have coffee and make fun of everyone else.
How awesome would that be?!
We just want to know: What's your favorite part so far?
I'll leave mine in the comments so nobody sees it and it takes the funny out of it before they get to that part in the book.
But I do have to say: She adopted an ugly pit bull with an underbite and named her Maisy. Gah!

Let us know what you think so far!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interview with a Girlfriend

Today our interview is with the lovely obladi oblada from the blog From 0 to 3 in 90 days.
You have to check her out, she is such a nice blogger with many posts that reflect both her professional and family life.

Tell us what is your favorite genre of books:
I like a lot of different genres so it is hard to pick a favorite. I love fiction, and non fiction both. I am not big on science fiction or romance; those are two that I seldom read. I love memoirs, true crime, and horror as well as stories about people in general and their struggles. I’m not big into historical fiction either although they are not out of the question.

Who is your favorite author:
I love Stephen King of course and he is one of my all time favorites, as is Shirley Jackson for both her hysterical tales of her children and her disturbing subtle horror tales, like “the lottery” and “we have always lived in the castle”. She also dabbled in children’s books a little and one of hers is a favorite of my family’s called “9 magic wishes”. I also like Wally Lamb and Augusten Burroughs. I like the humorous Sue Townsend “Adriaan Mole” series. There are so many great books out there and great authors that Im finding it hard to answer this question! I am sure I’m forgetting someone that I love, oh like Pat Conroy (I think that’s his name, the author of Prince of Tides and the Great Santini).

What do you think of the movies that are based on books:
Ugh. I don’t think I can think of one single movie based on a book where the movie is better. I am always somewhat disappointed in Hollywood’s version of things. Even though this is the case, I cannot stop myself from going to a movie based on a book that I read. Kind of like watching a train wreck or some other tragedy unfold.

What book have you read that has stuck with you the most:
Many books have stuck with me, so this will be another long answer. To name a few, “Bag of Bones” by Stephen King, “We have always lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson, “Blackbird” by Jennifer Lauck, “I know this much is true” by Wally Lamb, “Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger, “When Rabbit Howls” (cant remember author though), “Sybil”, “To kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and “Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls.

Now, tell us about your blog. What do you think might set it apart from others and why should we love you:
What?! Girls, she didn't answer this one...was it an "accidental oversight" or a technical error? Or possibly, it's just hard to sell yourself. I know. I totally understand.
So let me sell ya for you. That sounded weird.
Okay, so this sweet blogger is funny, compassionate and quirky. The name of her blog refers to the fact that she and her husband adopted 3 older children at once.
I don't know about you, but most people only want the babies. We need people like obladi oblada (i don't know if she wants me to use her real name so i'm gonna go undercover here) to take in these older children! Adoption is a very important thing to my husband and I as both he and his sister were adopted.
And that's my soapbox. I could go on and on and on, but I won't.
Go visit her! She does posts that are quirky, funny, and show her great love for her children. And she also makes fun of her boss, GICOE. If ya wanna know who GICOE is, go read her blog!

***Remember, we're always looking for new interviews, so if you want to be featured, send us an e-mail with your interview and picture. Just answer the above questions and that's it. It's easy! Promise.***

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

I don't think there are going to be many spoilers in this post, because I just started reading the book last night! Have you all started reading it? What do you think so far?
In the first chapter she is at a work function and the snarky comments she has running through her head, unfortunately, are kinda similar to the things that run through my head at times.
Not all the time, but, yes, sometimes. Like when I'm at Walmart, for example!
I'm wondering if she's always like this...I guess as we make our way through the book we will know whether she is ever going to be nice or not. Which cracks me up. And I think she's pretty brave to put her snarky self out there, cuz that's something that will not win you friends in the real world, most of the time.
Let us know what you think so far, in the comments!

**Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new Interview with a Girlfriend!!**