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We will be reading one book a month. We will have weekly group discussions if you are interested with a final discussion at the end of the month. The new book choice for the following month will be posted at least two weeks before the beginning of the new month. You can pick and choose if you want to participate. We will have at least one giveaway each month for our readers! If you have any book suggestions, please email either Jessica or MiMi. We are in new territory, so we might have to work out some kinks as we go along. We hope you make new friends and have fun!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Ladies. Ladies, ladies ladies!
This is going to be such a hard book to do Spoiler Alerts on.
I can't ask you what you think of this author's motives because she pretty much puts it all on the line.
This feels like a book that we all need to get together and drink some coffee and dish about.
And who wouldn't love it if she came? Jen Lancaster seems like the kind of woman who would love to sit and have coffee and make fun of everyone else.
How awesome would that be?!
We just want to know: What's your favorite part so far?
I'll leave mine in the comments so nobody sees it and it takes the funny out of it before they get to that part in the book.
But I do have to say: She adopted an ugly pit bull with an underbite and named her Maisy. Gah!

Let us know what you think so far!


  1. I just got this book to read over spring break! Can't wait to "dish" with you!

  2. Oh...its hard to pick the funniest parts. I love her little thoughts about people and her little side remarks. Her brother needs to be slapped upside the head though.

    I completely love that she had this whole wedding idea and Fletch is the last to know. lol.

    I love too the fact that she loves dogs...this excuses her from all other bitchiness she may seem to possess...imo.

    Yeah, I will read her other books now...she makes me chuckle out loud...which makes my hubby say "What?"