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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Giveaway

This week's giveaway is a novel by Ann Brashares.

Click the picture to read what the novel is about.

Spoiler Alerts Below!!
Do you think Minny's distrust of white people is justified?
Is this possibly where "reverse" racism came from?
What do you think of people like Skeeter's mom; she's clearly an antagonist, yet she's also a sympathetic character.

***Everyone who joined in July and has sent us their addresses will be receiving a Read With Girlfriends bookmark this week.***


  1. I love new books. Pick me!!!

    I think people like Skeeter's mom are only guilty of ignorance. In that time I think their attitudes were equal to someone today who doesn't vote. It doesn't mean that they CAN'T change what's happening they're just blind to it and satisfied enough with status quo. Not noble, but not evil.

  2. Can you win the give away twice? Sadly I am not reading this months book so I can't comment on that. By the way I received my notecards and ribbon early & I love it. I have already sent out a card to a friend. Thanks for picking me!! So excited to next months book. Even though I am annoyed I didn't read this months

  3. Win two weeks in a row! That would be nice.

  4. Add me to the giveaway list. I've tried commenting three times and each time was kicked out...grrr my *(&)#@ computer.

    I agree with Mrs Montoya about Skeeter's mother.

  5. Okay, first let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting mail and seeing an envelope from Oregon in my mailbox made me whole MONTH! THANK YOU!

    Now, on to the books ;) I love this book so far. I think I'm a little behind everyone though.
    Minny's distrust is justified but I find myself hoping more than anything that she can find a friend in both Miss Skeeter and Mrs. Celia.

    And what a great question about reverse racism. I can absolutely see the mistrust turning into anger and resentment. However, I don't see that the anger Minny, Aibileen and the other maids have as ignorance like the white women. They are purely ignorant. I want to slap Hilly into next week.

    Great book, thanks for pickin' it!