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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner

Whaaaat....? So it's not Tuesday. Fine. Spoiler Alert Wednesday, then.
I have to apologize for not getting this up yesterday. If you read my other blog you know I've been sick, so I've not posted anything.
And Jessica? Well, let me tell ya about Jessica. She is going to school to be a nurse!
We will never see her again, friends. Okay, so that's not exactly true, I'll see her on Friday, (yay!) but do you know how grueling nursing school is?? Do you?? Huh?? neither.
But I know it's intense. Just imagine the nurses that you deal with when you go to the doctor. Doesn't it seem like they know more then the doctors half the time? So, yay! for the medical community, she's gonna make a great nurse! I'm very excited that I'll have someone who I can call and harass about make believe medical problems that I talk myself into having that will be there for me and my family and friends in the community who might end up at the hospital needing her care.
Let's get to the winner of last weeks awesome giveaway. Remember? How could you forget! It's got some Tootsie Roll chapstick in there, baby!
Okay,, what number are you going to give me....? 8. Haha! Jessica can't win this! She's number eight and she's disqualified! Okay, let's do it again....1.
Okay, people. We need more comments or something because I'm number one. I can't win either! One more time. 3. Melinda! That's my momma, yo. This cracks me up. I guess she's not disqualified cuz she's related to me. Although, I bet she really wishes she could be disqualified from certain things for being related to me.
Seriously, ladies, you know you're gonna win one of these times. Such great odds with such few entries!
Spoilers Below!!!
What do you think motivates people like Hilly? Are they taught racism and if they are; is it something that is a conscious thing being passed on, or something learned through behavior?


  1. WOW! I have never won anything. Thank you! I know some little boys that will love sharing Tootsie Roll Chapstick with their nana. And did you know I have been eyeballing up those paper clips? You are lucky they were still there for the giveaway.
    I think what motivates peeps like Hilly is that by treating other people as crappy as she does it makes her feel superior. Maybe she has a deep seated self esteem problem. She doesn't treat her "white" friends much better than she does the black maids.

  2. I suck...I havent read my book yet...Im a slacker with no excuses other than Im lazy and havent felt the reading vibe is that possible!?

  3. I'm still here! :) I'm reading this book and loving it! I tend to think this attitude is passed down through the generations. It's woven through everything they do and they tend not to be independent critical thinkers (look, I used some nursing jargon)! If you were to really inquire WHY they felt this way, a lot of them couldn't tell you why or how they started to think this way, they just do. After my brief stint in the south, I can say all this crazyiness still exists. I was shocked as a teen to see in our local paper that the KKK was doing demonstrations in town. BUT, I did meet some wonderful. compassionate, independent thinkers that thought for themselves.