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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is the last Spoiler Alert Tuesday for CeeCee!
Seems like it just flew by.
Maybe it was because, I personally, loved the book.
What did you all think?
What were some highlights for you?
Do you agree that the part of the novel about the hummingbird caught in the web of the beautiful (author's words, not ours!!) yellow spider was a direct paralell to CeeCee's life with her mother?

We really hope you enjoyed CeeCee, be sure to vote on our poll on the right sidebar.

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  1. Okay so I just skipped right over reading and went straight to the commenting...I'm a little behind in my reading :) I'm excited about the new book! And I am really liking Saving CeeCee so far.

  2. I really really liked this book-and I'm going to download the next onto my kindle. good picks!!!

    hey, when am I gonna win a prize? j/k :)

  3. Whoa, How dumb am I?? I totally didn't get the paralell between the hummingbird and Cee Cee's life. But it was a great book and I LOVED it. The next one is good too. But it did take a couple of chapters before I really got into it. You have picked some great books that I probably wouldn't have read otherwise. So thank you for that. And for not picking a (puke) love story.

  4. i'm looking forward to reading this one. thanks!