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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spoiler Alert...Wednesday...?

Sorry, friends! I meant to post this yesterday. I thought about it all day long. But I never did it. Why?
I have no idea. I'm a loser.

Spoilers Below!!

When Ceecee's mom gets hit by the truck and dies, do you think it was purely accident or was she looking for a way to be "free"?
Camille wanted to move back to Savannah. Do you think the severity of her illness was intensified by being someplace she didn't feel was right for her?
What do you think of Camille's illness? Was it portrayed in a respectful way? What exactly do you think she was afflicted with?
Ceecee blames her father for her mother's death. Do you agree with that?


  1. I think that Camile death was a suicide. I got that from the beginning, and I still think it was. I think she had a moment of clarity to see exaclty what has happened to her and her life. I dont think being back in Savanah would have helped her all that much, I think she did miss it so it became a focus in her illness, but I think she would have been ill never the less. I think she had some depressive disorders, and obviously she had lost touch with reality and had become delusional. At the very least I believe she was bi polar, but with a lot more going on than that...a delusional disorder for sure.

    I guess if CeeCee's father had taken care of business, and not ran away from what was happening, then perhaps she would have been on her meds, or institutionalized, and her death would not have occured the way it did, although she still may have committed suicide at some point.

  2. I don't know alot about mental illness, but I do know that a person can't help it if their brains are screwed up. Back in those days there really wasn't much help unless you did get committed in a mental facility. The father complained about the cost of that...I don't know if it would have cost him anything or not. He was just trying to ignore the whole thing, while he was having an affair with someone else. CeeCee asked her father for help and he totally brushed her off, so I understand why she blamed him.
    I don't know if the mom committed suicide or not. But at least she was out of her misery and hopefully CeeCee will have a chance for a better life.