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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Giveaway

What's that, you say? A Spoiler Alert and a giveaway?!
That's right.
I finally got my arse off the couch my act together and took a picture
and am posting a giveaway!
First up...
Whether they’re called Sweet Potato Queens, Steel Magnolias, Ya-Ya Sisters, or Belles, everybody knows that Southern girls make the best friends. GRITS Friends are Forevah shows you how to tell if you have true GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) friends in your life. Do you know what her nose looked like before she "fixed her deviated septum"? Do you keep the secrets that even her husband doesn’t know? Do you find yourself giggling with her though you’re far too old to be behaving that way? From your first sorority rush to joining the local Red Hat society, and from long walks to long distance phone calls, a GRITS friend makes your victories sweeter, your laughter longer, and your pain gentler.
Whether Deborah is talking about Instant GRITS (young girls), or Seasoned GRITS (women over sixty), childhood friends, new-found pals, sisters, mothers, or even BYOB (Be Your Own Best Friend), she has tips for keeping the laughs and love alive, GRITS-style.

**Note**This is the second Grits book. There is another one called "The GRITS Guide to Life and Puttin’ on the Grits" if you'd like to read both. I thought this was the perfect giveaway for our pick this month; a book about strong southern women!

Spoilers Below!!
After CeeCee's mom dies her aunt comes to take her to Savannah. CeeCee's dad won't let her take all of her books. Why do you think books are such an important part of CeeCee's life?
The first portion of the book is sort of a "black and white" version of CeeCee's life.
After she moves to Savannah the book seems to spring to life in technicolor.
Do you think this has to do more with the characters and their quirks or the fact that CeeCee is no longer around her mom's illness?
There are so many different, vivid characters to choose from!

Who is your favorite character so far?

As usual, just comment to enter our giveaway!


  1. Ok Im commenting but I have no insight because I suck and havent read any books in months. My pile to read is ever growing and Im vowing to start reading at night before bed instead of watching tv....I swear Im gonna do it!

  2. Can I enter the giveaway if I haven't read the book? I like it. Southern girls rock! I wuz born and raized Suthern. :)

  3. And no, you don't need to misspell words to be from the South.

  4. looks like a fun book, thanks for the chance

  5. I think the books are important to her because they are her "get away" from her mom's illness. All of us like to immerse ourselves into someone elses life and forget our own once in a while or all the time.
    I like all the characters so I can't really pick one I like best. I really like how the book shows how strong southern women really are. And crazy funny. I think all these characters are what makes the book and CeeCee spring to life.

  6. I agree with Melinda..the books are an escape. She is loney, aside from her old neighber (cant remember her name because there are entirely too many O names in the book), she has no girlfriends, her mom is nuts....she has no one, the characters in her books keep her company.

    I like the other O named person...her aunts cook/house keeper. I think she is great to be such a friend to Cee Cee and take her under her wing. I also really like the neighbor...who threw slugs at the other neighbor...sounds like fun to me.

  7. I have never heard the term grits used for anything other than breakfast deliciousness while down south.

  8. OK...I am ready to get in on the next book :) I am back and ready to get with the program!!!

  9. HEY! I qualify as a GRITS girl! Very cool!