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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner

The winner of last week's giveaway was provided by
Congratulations Jane Anne!
It makes sense for you to win since you are a true Southerner!

Spoilers Below!!
First, why do you think the author decided to not have any male characters other than CeeCee's dad?
After the attack at the beach, Oletta tells CeeCee she must “reclaim her power”

to overcome her fears.
What are some times in your life when you had to stand up to reclaim your own power?
How did you go about it?


  1. Only one man in the story??? Could be cause everyone only needs one asshole!
    And thank you I am currently having a panic attack over something and after reading this I realize I have to reclaim my power. You have been a big help. And NO I won't tell you what the problem is, so don't ask!

  2. The man thing....I have been wondering about that. I think the author wanted to drive the point home that mothers are important, regardless of whether you were born from them or not. Heck...I dont sounded good. The author is a man hater?

    Im still trying to claim my own power!

  3. So...what is our May book? Im anxious.

  4. What a neat blog you have here, cant wait to see what you have been reading.

    Sassy Chica