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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

I'm gonna throw a lot of stuff at ya today, since it's the last day for our Dear John Spoilers!
Are ya ready??
Spoilers Below!!
Do you think that John and his dad were able to make peace with each other before John's
dad passed away?
What do you suppose made John decide not to take advantage of Savannah when he came back to to see her and Tim was in the hospital? Do you think Savannah and Tim were meant for each other or it was more that Savannah was tired of waiting for John?
Do you think Savannah loved Tim as much as she loved John; or was she willing to sleep with John when Tim was in the hospital because she was so worried and confused about the situation with Tim's health?
Do you think these questions are just plain stupid?
Don't answer that. Cuz I already know they were dorky. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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  1. I do think they made peace..I think John had been working on that for a while, and I think his dad was glad enough that John came back.

    I think John was a genuinely nice guy and I think he realized that had he taken advantage of Savannah, she would always carry that guilt around with her and he didnt want to do that to her.

    I dont really think Tim and Savannah were meant for each other, I feel the thing with Tim was just because she was tired of waiting for John, and she had her doubts about John's love for her, since he reenlisted. I think Savannah is a lot more self serving than she wants people to believe. She wanted to get on with her life and did not feel that John was devoted enough to her to put everything else on hold. She was NEEDED by Tim, but felt she wasnt NEEDED by John.

    Perhaps, Savannah felt Tim would die, and so she wanted to reestablish her relationship with John, just in case. I guess Im kind of villianizing her here, lol.

  2. I think John and Savannah should have ended up together...the end!!! LOL loved this book, just not the fariytale ending I wanted