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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

So what you guys think of the book so far?
I think I told you all that once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.
It's a short month, so we're gonna try to cover a lot of material in our Spoiler Alerts.

Spoilers Below!!
John and Savannah come together during the time of John's military enlistment.
When he comes back to visit her during his breif "vacations" from duty, the relationship is pretty charged.
Do you think the fact that they seem to be on "borrowed time" helps to intensify their relationship?
Why do you think John ultimately re-ups his time in the military after 9/11?
Is it because he was feeling as patriotic as they all seemed to be after the tragedy, or do you think there's something else there?
Do you think that is the time that Savannah sort of loses the momentum of the relationship and, for lack of a better term, gives up on it?

**Stay tuned for an announcement on next month's book pick!!**


  1. ooooo cant wait to hear the book pick for next month!

  2. I definitely think that their sense of urgency came from his limited time home when he was there. I don't think she ever gave up, she just couldn't sustain the sacrifice without directly being a part of the madness. The underlying theme of his sense of obligation to the military made me sad and was a poignant reminder of all the patriotism after 9/11

  3. Could be that John had more faith in the relationship than Savannah did. Maybe he was really feeling that patriotic and felt that she would understand? Maybe it was a test...maybe he told himself that if she couldnt understand his need to support his country in time of need, then she really wasnt for him.

    I think she felt a bit slighted that he re enlisted. I think he may have done better to actually discuss it with her first, get her used to the idea maybe, then do it.....

  4. Okay, I'm a jerk and haven't read with my girlfriends in FOREVER! I may take a peek over at the library and see if I can pick this up and read it this week!