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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

This is our first Spoiler Alert on Dear John, our February pick!
I loved this book. It was hard to put down once I started it.
Getting right to it...
Spoilers Below!!
There's a lot of history and explanation of John's relationship with his father, or lack thereof.
Do you think there's something behind this, perhaps something more to the dynamic then just a teenage son and his father trying to get along?
Does this relationship have any effect on John's almost instant attraction to Savannah?

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  1. Well I stink. I haven't started or even bought this book yet. Bummer huh. I'm in for next month though!!!

  2. When I mean this book I mean Have a Little Faith - I'm in for Dear John. Sheesh I need some coffee

  3. I just finished "Dear John" and I couldnt put it down either. Im new here, so Im not sure if its fair for me to answer the first question since Im already through it. But...yes, there is more to it, and I had suspected what it was, turned out I was right.

    As for the question about John's instant attraction to Savannah, Im not sure. Maybe because she was so open and so personable which was a direct contrast to his father, he was attracted?

  4. I finished it already, too so I want to be careful about how I respond.

    I just felt like John's relationship with his Dad was dysfunctional because they were guys and didn't quite know what to do with each other. His attraction to Savannah on the other hand seems natural. She was everything that he was not accustomed to and needed without realizing it. My favorite part of the book was their time together while she was renting the beach house. So idealistic and sweet . . .

  5. Glad you liked the book! I might have to pick it up again and reread it to refresh my memory!

  6. Because I have finished the book it is so hard for me to answer the father question and not know already. While reading it I guess I just thought he was a teenager and that is they way him and his dad were with each other. Didn't really think anything past that.

    Not too sure on the Savannah question.