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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner/Giveaway!!

Just a couple things first that I want to touch on.
1. The Time Traveler's Wife, our extra credit book, came out in the theaters last Friday!
We were so excited to go see it and this Thursday we'll do a review of the movie and let you know our take on it.
2. Giveaway Winner!!
Courtesy of
Our giveaway winner this week, who will win the lovely owl stamp, note cards and memo pad is:
Number 11; Robin_Titan! (not her real name by the way. ; ) )
Please send your address to, as soon as you can,
so we can get your prize in the mail!

3. Next week's giveaway!
A notebook, pen and funky oversized paperclips.
The notebook is perfect size for your purse and it's ready for you to write down any notes you may want to keep handy. The pen is a blueberry scented Jelly Belly pen.
I ask you, who doesn't want to be sniffing their pens?
Spoiler Alerts Below!!
This book doesn't have any real heavy issues to deal with on the surface.
But when you think about it, it sorta makes you wonder.

What if you had this happen and you woke up one day not remembering
the past 3 years of your life.
Assuming you could choose, is there a part of your life
that you wish you didn't remember?


  1. congrats to the winner.

    Come enter my giveaways.. :)

    The Buzz,

  2. I finally finished the Time Travelers Wife last week...and and just started the Remember me one...Looks to be a quick read. :) I don't have anything to add for this week's chat ...I haven't read enough of it. :)

  3. must be nice to win. just sayin.

    As far as what I wouldn't like to remember from the past 3 years? hmmm. Nothing really - I'm already good at not remembering stuff. And since I already forgot it - i can't remember it to tell you I want to forget it. ha.

  4. I am not quite halfway through The Time Travelers Wife ( I only read it when the house is quiet so I can read it uninterrupted!) and I finished Remember Me. Lets see what would I change? Can I change mother in laws or does that still have to come as package deal with the hubs? Could I just trade her in for a new model?

    I have only one event in life that I wish I could change and that would be having a miscarriage...which of course is something I couldnt control not matter how many times I relived it unfortunately

  5. One of these weeks, I will win! I have to tell you that I got the book on Friday from the library and finished it Saturday night. Apparently, I needed a good chick book. The last book I picked up (that I am still reading) is a John Grisham book of my husband's about a football player. For some reason, it just doesn't grab me as much.
    Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind that I would love to forget was when my oldest son broke his arm. It was a bad break. It looked awful (I won't describe it because it just wouldn't be nice to do that) and seeing him hurt like that was excrutiating. (By the way, I was pregnant and proceeded to throw up after I saw his broken arm!)
    Other than that- this is more a comment just in general- if I woke up and couldn't remember the last 3 years, I would think that my husband was still in the Army. It would be a major, major shock for me to wake up and him be out of the Army and us to be living away from an Army base in a small town in Oregon. A lot has changed in 3 years!

  6. Three years ago was 2006. My son was 4 years old and my daughter was one. I had yet to start my journey to become an nurse--that would have been a shocker. I would be sad to have missed the kids growing (I mean, 1 year to 4 years is HUGE). I was taking Jackson to preschool in another town and now he goes to the elementary school right next to our home, that would be a shocker too. My Dad who has MS has also lost some abilites so that would have been sad to see all at once.