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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday & a Giveaway!

Hi Girlfriends, Jessica here!
It's the second Tuesday of the month and around here that means,
Spoiler Alert Tuesday!
This is the day that we post a discussion question or two, and you all can comment with your responses. There might be some spoilers in the comments, so read at your own risk. Oh, please only talk about the selected chapters or the chapters from the prior weeks. Jumping ahead could ruin it for someone else.

First, let's look at the Giveaways and then the spoilers will be posted below those.
Let's announce last weeks winner!
I went to and it picked number
4! That means that Missy from Life In Left Field won!
Congrats! We will be contacting you for mailing info soon!

Now, don't be depressed, here is......
This week's giveaway!
Make sure to comment on this post by next Monday night
to be entered in this giveaway!
(You don't have to be reading yet but you have to be a follower to enter)

Chapters 2-5

Lexi is still in the hospital trying to piece together her life.
She looks so different but her mom is just as annoying as ever.
Chapter 5 introduces us to Lexi's husband Eric.
He's handsome, perfect and out of old Lexi's league.

Question: How would you feel finding out you had a husband that you don't even remember meeting? Would you have asked different questions than Lexi?

Okay, that was quick.
I was wondering what it would be like to meet my husband that way.
Or my kids.


  1. Hey!!! Can I win this? This is super cute, Jess, where have you been shopping?

  2. Wow, that would be weird to meet your husband like that huh? I would probably think, "Why did I marry you??" Just kidding! Sort of. ; )
    And my kids? I'd think "Wow, they're cute. But why are they so annoying?" Just kidding! Sort of. ; )
    But I could definitely stand to wake up and have lost weight and got better hair.

  3. Congrats to Missy!! Skipped the spoiler since I have yet to open the book! Today though I will get all caught up, scouts honor

  4. super cute giveaway. i would hope i win but that NEVER happens.

    the book.... hmmm. My husband can be kind of annoying so i think it's better that I already knew him before I married him and didn't just wake up married to him. does that make sense?

  5. Ack, I don't have the book yet. I couldn't get the book at the library and forgot to check the bookstore for it while I was gone. I didn't read the spoiler alert in case I can find it this week.

    Cute giveaway!

  6. I love the giveaway stuff! I am not reading the Spoiler yet because I haven't gotten the book yet. The library has it on hold for me. Hopefully it will be turned in by tomorrow (instead of rechecked out). If you have it- I'd love it if you would turn it in! :)

  7. I love owls! I can't wait to get home from Europe so that I can actually buy these books and start participating!

  8. Holy cats, I wasn't even trying to enter the giveaway, but thanks.
    BTW, I have a post scheduled for tomorrow where I name my new favorite blogs, And hand out that hunky award that goes along with being my new favorite... and Read With Girlfriends is on the list. Maybe that will get some more readers in here with us.


  9. Ugh...I still haven't even gotten the book yet. I am hoping the library will have it tomorrow and I can start reading then. The weekly giveaways are fun.

  10. You're making me terribly curious about this book....

    I'd love to enter your LOVELY giveaway! :)

  11. Hey your award is up on my blog now. You should go pick it up and post it here, we could all use a little hot bod.

  12. I have really enjoyed this book so far but I'll keep my response limited up to chapt. 5 :) I love Lexi's reaction to finding out she's married and that she's been leading a posh life.

    I wonder if she had been in love BEFORE the accident (with Loser Dave or whoever) would she have a different reaction - would she be heartbroken or have a completely different approach?

    I think I would be devastated to learn I was married to someone different than my last memory. NOW, that being said if I weren't married or in love prior to the accident, I'd be happier than a hog eatin' slop!

    She's really cracking me up with her comments and reactions to her ring and Eric, her Mum and Amy - the whole book has been great!