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We will be reading one book a month. We will have weekly group discussions if you are interested with a final discussion at the end of the month. The new book choice for the following month will be posted at least two weeks before the beginning of the new month. You can pick and choose if you want to participate. We will have at least one giveaway each month for our readers! If you have any book suggestions, please email either Jessica or MiMi. We are in new territory, so we might have to work out some kinks as we go along. We hope you make new friends and have fun!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner/Giveaway!!

It's a new month with a new book and it's Tuesday! You know what that means, Spoiler Alert Tuesday, again!

So, since we just started this book, well, I just started the book, cuz I'm a slacker, I am only going to do the Prologue and Chapter One. I don't want to spoil it for myself!

Spoilers Below!!

What would you do if you woke up in a strange environment and didn't know exactly how you got there?
What would you do if you realized that the hospital staff mistook you for someone else?
(keep in mind you may score a really nice Louis Vuitton bag from the mistake...wink wink.)
And a question that is purely for my sanity:
There's a character called Fi.
How do you pronounce that? Is it Fye or Fee? Help me with this!
Winner, Winner!!
We used again to choose the number of our winner last week.
And the lucky winner is number 1, Brandy from The Royal Family!!!
Congrats Brandy, you get to spoil your feet with our mini pedicure kit!

Don't be disappointed if you didn't win, because here is our next giveaway!
Make sure you comment by next Monday, the 10th at noon PST, on this post, for your chance to win!!

Our Giveaway this week is:

This Kitchen Set will be perfect at your end of summer/Labor Day barbecue!

Or, if your like me, in your kitchen all year round, cuz who can't use more dish towels and hot pads?!

This set includes 2 hot pads, an apron and the lovely, patriotic American Flag dish towel.

Get ready....get set....comment!!

***NOTE*** Ladies -Please start sending your addresses to our new e-mail so we can start getting your RWG bookmarks in the mail!!


  1. wahoo! Just what a preggo gal needs pedicure stuff... I will have to convince my hubs to use it on me... since reaching that far seems to be a task lately. :) thanks GALS!!!

    I have a yummy giveaway on my buzz blog if anyone is interested :)

  2. Oh my, spoilers on the 4th of the month!?? I'm just hoping to get the book by this weekend. I check the library (online) and it was out. Hhhhmmm... your info made it sound like a fun book to read. I better get to it! Let me know if you need my address. I think Jess has it.

  3. omg - i was *this close* to winning. you drew the wrong freakin brandy!!! I mean congratulations and crap.

    and I say fee.

  4. OMG, it's August already? I totally forgot to get the book. We have a trip to the library on Thurs. I will try to pick it up then.
    Hey if I wanted to contribute to the giveaway with one of my products, how would I do that?

  5. I skipped over the spoiler because Im still waiting for mine to come in the mail LOL. Congrats to Brandy! Everyone back off on this one...its mine, all mine I tell you!