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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner

First things first. I totally lied to you all last week. I said we'd be doing our Girfriend's review on The Time Traveler's Wife movie.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we were unable to do the review. (ha! jessica, did that sound good? do you think they'll figure out that we just totally slacked and didn't get it done?? i bet not. wink wink.)
Okay, so we promise that we will get it up soon. We're thinking some of you may not have been able to see the movie yet and we didn't want to ruin it for ya. Uh...yeah, that sounds good right?
The lucky person who won last week's giveaway is: number 5! Chosen by
Please let us know your info so we can get it to you!
Where's the Giveaway??!!
Okay, we're not doin' one this week, but check back next Tuesday to see what we've got!
We're going to the beach today, so you never know what we'll dig up for ya!
Spoilers Below!!
As we get closer to the end of the book, we realize that Lexi isn't happy at all in her new life.
What do you think about Eric being so obsessive about keeping things in their place?
What would you do regarding the situation with Jon?
Would you play it like Lexi or would you go for it?


  1. So looks like I might not be reading this book. Ugh...totally annoys me. I can't believe this is the last week of August...where does the time go. My library still hasn't gotten the book in...they are so slow! And I had a couple other books to finish this week. But I will for sure catch back up with the September book. Who knows I might the August pick before the end of the week.

  2. I won!!?? How fun! This is the first blog I opened up this morning and what a nice surprise to enjoy with my coffee.

    As far as Eric- I cannot imagine being around someone that controlling. I wouldn't make it - or one of us wouldn't -HA! It's hard for me to imagine handing the situation with Eric and Jon. I thought Lexi handled it well.

  3. What? No book/movie review and no giveaway?! Slackers!! LOL just kidding. I mean gah I guess if you have to have lives and all...

    As for the book, if my hubs suggested I clean up my mess all the time, I would have him by the ba....throat.

  4. I just finished it last Thursday, yippee!

    Eric - I just think that it would be annoying after a it was to Lexi. Just wound a little too tight. He seemed to be nice about it...but still remived fro helping her find herelf again. That shoe chip spaz in the car cracked me up.

    If you haven't finished the book, don't read any further. Don't want to ruin it for you. :)

    As far as the Jon stuff....I think she did ok with it really. The part where she said crap like "I guessed we missed our place in time"...was just moronic. What is that. "We missed our place in time?" Just try to start dating again
    (after the marriage is over) to see if something comes of it. She didn't have to just quit it cold turkey. Her stuff was at his house for crying out loud. I know that the relationship was born out of a cheating relationship....and I think that is terrible, however the book really makes me look at her as an unmarried person that falls into this situation. Jon seemed to really know the real "snaggletooth" regular gal, Lexi. I think that she did the right thing by not doing anything about it until her marriage was over though.

  5. J.J. I couldn't agree with you more. I wanted to throw the book across the room when I read that. Obviously there was some lingering attraction, even if Lexi couldn't remember her past with Jon - so why not take a stab at it??? I would have ;)

    Onto Eric - WARNING GRAPHIC STATEMENT - I think Eric is a penis wrinkle. I wanted to slap him so many times I couldn't stand myself. I retract my previous statement on a past S.A.T. that I would be ecstatic waking up to that life. I'd be miserable with him! And all that "loft-style living".

    We never know exactly what we would do in a certain situation, but I think I can truthfully say that I would have gotten out a little more quickly than Lexi. But then again, I admire her for sticking with it all and trying to finish the puzzle so to speak.

    So, Macey what part was it that you said had you cracking up??? Do tell!

  6. B - I bet Mimi cracked up at the Mont Blanc thing. HA! HA!

    Also forgive me for the spelling errors in the first part of my earlier it was bad. I wish I could blame it on something as I was out with George Clooney getting sloshed and that caused the errors.....but alas...that was not the case.