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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Winner

Wow! It's already the end of September, which means you are all hopefully finishing up
Splitting Harriet.
Since this is the last Spoiler Alert for Harriet, we're just wanting to know what you thought
of the book?
What did you think of Harriet and her relationship with God? She read the Bible every day, but she didn't accept the forgiveness of God.
Is this something you struggle with also?
Splitting Harriet is categorized as Christian Fiction. Would you be interested in reading more Christian Fiction?
Melissa @ Nunnally Family Fun, come on down! provided us with the number 3.
Keep coming back for your chance to win, the odds are pretty good, we never get even 10 comments! Ha!


  1. I know God forgives why is it so hard to forgive yourself? Maybe cause of that great big conscience we have.
    One thing that didn't help Harriet forgive herself was all those old women that kept reminding her of her wild ways.

  2. Hang my head in shame....still havent opened the book and its due back at the library tomorrow! However I have read Christian fiction before...mostly by Karen Kingsbury

  3. I typically don't read Christian fiction. I have no explanation for it, I just don't.

  4. You rock Macey. I love that you take up upon yourself to write these posts and don't get mad at me when I'm not as involved as I should be. I'm thankful for that and your friendship. And just so you all don't feel bad, I have yet to finish the book. Yep, it's my bookclub and I've yet to finish the book. This month I was the total LOSER.

  5. I am so excited and can't believe I won! How fun to win something.

    I think we are just harder on ourselves, as well as, other people. This makes it harder for us to understand God's total forgiveness especially since it is such a huge gift. Most small things seem pretty easy to forgive, but when you do a big thing it just seems so impossible that God would be able to totally forgive. I know it says it hundreds of times in the Bible, but when we keep thinking about what we did it makes it hard to believe that God really WILL forgive.

    I really enjoyed this book and would read other Christian fiction books. I hadn't read any before this, but thought it was a great book. And also had a good message.

  6. I love your idea of an Internet "Book Club". What a unique concept !!!!! Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.