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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Giveaway

Alright ladies, you'll have to forgive me for being late on this.
As you can see, if you've been watching this blog, when left to my own devices I
tend to get "off task."
So, after getting my stuff together, without further ado, here is your Giveaway and Spoiler Alert!

Cute, funky note cards with matching ribbon and 2 matching sticky notepads.
You can tuck it all into the little blue tote that you'll also get!
Spoilers Below!!
At the height of Harriet's rebellion, her brother suffers "fall out" from her behavior. Have you ever been held accountable for something that your friend or relative may have done?
Have you been stereotyped or do you stereotype people?
Would you have immediately discounted Maddox as a "bad boy" because of his appearance?
Check back tomorrow to see what book you all chose for next month!!


  1. I have had the book for over a week now and have yet to open the cover! What the heck is wrong with me??

  2. I loved this book! It took me a bit to get into it, I have no idea why, but I loved it when I did finally get going!
    I don't think I've ever been held accountable for something that a relative did...however I know that I was constantly (as a kid) thought of as being something I wasn't because I was the little sister to such a quiet, nice girl. Boy were people surprised when they found out who I really am! Even now people will hear my last name and think something that may or may not be true because of the family linked to it. Good and bad.
    I, unfortunately, have to admit that I stereotype people. Not so much judging, but yeah, I can look at someone and in like 5 seconds have an opinion that is probably false. Luckily I'm smart enought to figure out that I'm probably wrong.
    And I'm sure I would've thought Maddox was a "bad boy." But the fact that he was hired by the church would make me stop and think twice about what kind of person he really was.

  3. I too really enjoyed this book.
    I don't think I have ever been held accountable for somthing someone else did. Atleast not that I can think of. I tend to look at people and have an instant opinion. Like Mimi almost always a false one. Usually I look at someone and think "wow, they look like they have it all together." But probably really don't.
    By Maddox's looks I would have thought he was a "bad boy", but after talking to him would have quickly got that idea out of my head. I think for Harriett she couldn't see past his looks because he looked so much like the people she had hung out with during her "bad" time in life. Had she never gone through that period in her life with "bikers" she probably would have seen his nice side much sooner.

  4. I'm suffering from the same thing as Shortmama. My book is sitting near my bed...really begging to be read (or even opened) but I picked up The Help first.

  5. I love this week's giveaway! Glad you are posting today. I missed you yesterday- even though I didn't get the book this time around.

  6. I know how if one sibling is a troubled teen everyone thinks the rest of the kids are the same way. But I think her brother was upset cause he felt that she wasn't stepping up to the plate in helping with the parents cats and probably other stuff. So I can see that may be the reason for his attitude toward her instead of her wild ways.
    If I went just by looks I would have thought Maddox was a "bad boy". But if I knew he was working for the church and had talked to him I would have realized I had misjudged him. Yep unfortunately we all usually tend to sterotype people.
    I think it is really to bad that all the old ladies in the church keep throwing the "wild days" in Harriets face. Seemed unchristian like to me.

  7. Umm, I will get to reading this far by the weekend! I'm such a loser.

  8. Not sure if I made the giveaway cut off but that's okay - it's all about the book baby!

    I'm really enjoying this book so far. I haven't been able to sink my teeth into it and knock it completely out yet.

    I love the questions you guys asked this week because I have a very politically incorrect..or correct, depending on which side of the fence your on...and I'm constantly pegged as having the same views. More often than not I agree with his views, but when I don't I always support him. Anyway - my point is that you can't judge a book by it's cover - NOW, in this same sentence I'm going to say that I am guilty of being a pre-judgmental.

    Having been put in certain situations has really helped put things and people into perspective for me.

    If I were Harri, I think I'd be wary of Maddox ONLY because of MY past and what I might "fall" into by being with a bad boy. Now, as a reader, I don't see him as a bad boy I see Maddox as a regular Joe. I think Harri is a bit backward - but it could be her infiltration with the geriatrics ;)