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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Hey Girlfriends! Please bare with me, MiMi is busy with her relatives this week. You are stuck with me. Are you all liking this book? Does it seem predictable? Or maybe you haven't finished it yet...
Looks like I need to talk about chapters 7-12.
Yeah, I'm not as funny as MiMi. Humor me and pretend you like my post this week!
Otherwise she might not ever let me loose on Spoiler Alert Tuesdays again! :)
This week I'm simply going to post questions about the chapters. You all are big girls, you don't need me paraphrasing for you (mostly because I'm not as energetic as MiMi was last week)! Please let me know if you think Spoiler Alert Tuesdays are boring. We are doing them for you, because this is your book club! We are just the morons trying to write witty posts (MiMi) and make cute graphics (me).
MiMi's note: Jess, I haven't left town yet, so here's some advice: Please - for the love of God, do not do what I did last week. It was B-O-R-I-N-G. I worked hard, but I think I was a tad to wordy. (pfft, me wordy? uh, yeah.)but there weren't many comments. I think people were bored with was I. So. Go ahead, talk it out, have fun everyone!

Spoilers Below!

  • What do you think of Travis' sister Stephanie? Would you like to be friends with someone like her? Or are you someone like her?
  • Would you have went riding motorcycles with Travis? Do you think he was too aggressive telling Gabby about his feelings? What about the boyfriend? Do you feel bad for him?
  • The end of chapter 12 leaves us with Gabby inviting Travis over for dinner. What do you make of that? Do you think she's being naive or leaning more in Travis' direction?


  1. I think I would sure rather have Stephanie for a friend than an enemy. I like her, she doesn't beat around the bush. I am not sure how much age diffence there is between her and Travis. I think there must be quite a bit for them to get along that well. But then siblings usually get along better when they are older. I still think she steps over the bounds for them to be that good of friends. Oh I am rambling...sorry. I don't feel sorry for Gabby's boyfriend, I think the author tried to make me not like him much in the first place. He seems like a self-centered jerk.
    I also don't think any woman is that naive. Gabby knows exactly what she is doing, wether she admits it to herself or not.

  2. I am much like Stephanie, a kind of say it like it is kind of chick. However she can sometimes be more brash then I would be, but I like her! The motorcycle riding was funny, I would never do it because Im a scared wimp when it comes to motorcycles! I dont have feelings one way or another about the boyfriend because we dont ever really know much about him, as Im sure the author intended.

  3. omg i'm so behind. must start reading book now!

  4. In random order...I wish the author would have let us know Kevin more--although I think it was Spark's intention that we don't know, like or care about Kevin. It didn't seem like there was much of a relationship though. (I have another thought about him but I think that happened after chapter 12 so I'll be quiet...)

    Stephanie--I like her.

    Motorcycle ride--hell, yes! I'm a sucker for motorcycles.

    Dinner--she knows what she's doing--and so does the reader.

  5. I think Stephanie could come off the wrong way for some people, but could be a fun person to hang out with. I too am too afraid of motorcycles to actually get on one, but I think it was good for Gabby to go with Travis. Knowing she has a boyfriend, he probably could have not said anything, but I think Travis can sense from the way Gabby is acting that she feels more for him then she wants to let on. I don't feel bad for Kevin at all. But I think it was part of the book to make it seem that the relationship wasn't really headed anywhere. And from the begining the things Gabby says make it seem like she is slowly starting to realize she wants more from a boyfriend then what Kevin is. She totally knew what she was doing when she invited Travis over. It is obvious he has feelings for her and as much as she tries to stuff the feelings down she has them for him too. And likes hanging out with him as more then a friend because she gets from Travis what she wishes she got from Kevin.

    Oh and I think spoiler alert Tuesdays are fun. I like reading other people's perspective on the book with the guided questions.

  6. I haven't even started yet! The copies at my local library are all out and I am on the list. And funds are tight so I can't buy it. So I'm reading the Time Traveler's Wife.

  7. I had to come and say I be finished :) Read it in one day. I'll be back and to the is movie night :)

  8. I think Stephanie would drive me insane in real life. She seems pushy and forward...things that annoy me! But I love her loyalty to Travis.

    I'm trying to remember which chapters exactly these were. I would not go motorcycle riding...I think Motorcycles are too dangerous! Although wrapping your arms around Travis sounds like it would be fun!

    I definitely feel bad for the boyfriend...they should have done more of a job to make him seem jerky, so we wouldn't like him!

  9. Okay, it's taken me long enough to get settled in from vacation and catch up so here it goes -

    I am nothing like Stephanie. But under the circumstances that Gabby was in, I would definately befriend her. I'm not sure Gabby had a choice :) I do admire her straightforward-ness. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that.

    YES! I would have absolutely gone riding with Travis and I probably would have asked to ride before he even offered. I'm a daredevil like that. I think Travis' aggressiveness is an insight into how honest and truthful he is. I see him being very open with Gabby.

    I don't feel sorry for Kevin at all. As a matter of fact for a while there I was expecting Gabby to find out he wasn't at a conference but with another woman.

    Gabby is not naive for one minute. She is very aware of what she is doing by inviting him over. I think she is becoming more aware of the "self" she has lost while in her relationship with Kevin. Unfortunately, I have been in that situation - realizing that I lost part of myself in a stagnant relationship only to "find" myself again after falling in love with my husband.

    I definately see some similarities between the storyline and my life. That my be why I've really enjoyed it. Several times, I felt like making a big sign like you see at ball games that said "GO GABBY GO!" and "Gabby hearts Travis" :)