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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Tuesday's on the Read With Girlfriends blog means Spoiler Alert Tuesday. This is where we will throw out a topic, relating to the book, and let you all discuss it in the comments.

In the future, if you aren't very far in the book, or have just begun, you may not want to read the entire post or the comments, as it will SPOIL it for you!

In that case, we will let you know with something like this:
***Spoiler Alert, don't read past this line!!***
You know...something really subtle, like that.

However, today, we aren't going to spoil it for you. We are just going to put a topic out there that you can comment on, even if you haven't begun the book yet. It's a general question that we thought was a good subject to comment on.

In The Choice, Nicholas Sparks attempts to capture both the male and female roles.
What do you think of a male author writing a book with equal parts male and female points of view?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Here's MiMi's opinion on the subject.

Personally, I think he's doing the job of capturing both parts pretty well. At least as good as any other serial author does.

I mean, it's not hitting the "resonates with me" button for me, simply because the female character, so far, is nothing like me or anyone I know. Don't get me wrong: she's a nice character. Seems balanced, intelligent and safe. But doesn't she have an edgy side? I wanna see an edgy side.

So, either she goes crazy and strips naked and swims up the river while screaming, "My neighbor is a hottie!," or she gets a tattoo on her face or something. Something that screams, "I'm a little crazy or unbalanced." Then, ladies, she will resonate with me. Not because I would ever do that stuff, but because I like crazy. Go figure.

Here's Jessica's opinion on the subject:

I've read Nicholas Sparks before and never questioned the believability until MiMi brought it up just now. I think he did a fair job shooting from both hips. I actually identified with the female role, MiMi wants crazy but I thrive on the mundane... hehe. I'm curious to find out what others think!

And, just so you know, in the interest of fairness, Jessica and I both tried to talk our husbands into reading the book so we could get the male perspective. We got a resounding, "NO."

So then we tried to talk them into getting little updates about what's going on in the book and hearing their opinion on it. Again, a resounding, "NO." So, we think that pretty much sums up the guys take on this book. It's a chick book. They ain't havin' none of it.

So...? What do you all think?? Let it out, we're all friends. Let us know what you think!

Also: don't forget to enter to win the necklace, hand made by the fabulous Jessica! We will be announcing the winner on or around July 15, when we will also be announcing next month's book pick!

And stay tuned for tomorrow's Interview with a Girlfriend!


  1. I haven't started the book i'm a slacker. BUT I will say that now i'm curious to see!

  2. Oops, I'm still finishing another book so haven't cracked this one.

    Have you read "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" by Roddy Doyle? While I was reading the book I remember checking the book cover a few times to be sure the author was a man. It just seemed impossible to me that a man could capture the female voice the way he did. It's been years since I read the book but always felt he was spot on with that book.

  3. I have read it before and I remember enjoying it and came away thinking okay, she's not like me, but I like her anyways! :) I'll get started tonight and get back witcha! I am currently reading LipStick Jungle. I loved the TV Show (funny how I work for an NBC Television Station) so I hope that I love the book, I just got it started at the lake.

  4. ahh la la la la i haven't read it yet! slacker!!

  5. Im still waiting for it to come in the mail dang it! But I have read other Nicholas Sparks books and never came away from it thinking he didnt have a clue..sometimes I have yelled "You cant end the book here!!!" but thats just me

  6. I haven't gotten my book yet but i'm excited.

    as far as boy/girl view - my only experience with it is the twilight smut I love to read and based on that - love it.

  7. My book finally came and I read it in 2 days. He does fairly well on the female character, but there were a couple of places that I thought he totally missed the target. I will not reveal them as so many of you haven't read it yet.

  8. Melinda, I think I know what you mean, I've finished the book too.