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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interview With A Girlfriend Wednesday

In our second Interview With A Girlfriend, we interviewed Brandy from The Nabors Baby.

Brandy is funny and she loves books! She was the very first follower of this here little book club! She followed before we even did our first post! Yay, Brandy! (all these exclamation marks make me feel like a cheerleader. gag.)
Like the first interview we did, you have to channel your inner Babwa Wawters.

Tell us what is your favorite genre of books:
Like, Jessica, I'm no book snob. There are some genres I do enjoy more than others. I love essays, biographies, nature/outdoor, non-fiction and Christian non-fiction. And as much as I hate to admit it, I do judge a book by it's cover. I know, I know. I'm awful. I prefer larger size books over trade size paperbacks and I like a nice size large font...ooooo, that sounded dirty.

Really, in the end I'm willing to give any book a try. Which is why I'm SO excited about reading other "Girlfriends" suggestions!

The only genre I'm not a tremendous fan of is romance. Hold the Fabio for me.

Who is your favorite author:
Hmmmm, that's a tough one. It's like a Lay's potato chip, I can't have just one. I love Thoreau, Jack Kerouac, Bill Bryson, Beth Moore, Nora Roberts - How's that for eclectic taste!

What do you think of the movies that are based on books:
I have no qualms with book-based movies at all. In fact, I'm guilty of seeing the movie without ever touching the book. I do, however, agree that a book can take you places and bring out emotion and imagination that a movie can not. A movie is a director's perspective on the book's characters, setting, costume, etc. which is great, but the beauty and fascination with a book is that it can be a 1,000 different things to a 1,000 different people. When I'm done with a book and have made my own "world" of it, I'll watch the movie and see how different or how similar my "world" is to the director's.

I hope that made sense, I haven't had caffeine since 2008. Can’t. Think. Straight.

What book have you read that has stuck with you the most:
On the Road by Jack Kerouac: Since reading this, I've had a strange obsession with train hopping and bums. Yes, I have dreamt of waxing poetic around a campfire, discussing where to hitchhike next while eating beans from a can with other un-showered road trippers... Okay, I’m really coming across as an oddball.

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland: Because I'm such a nature/outdoor junkie, this book will always float in my head. It's a story of two teenage sisters, alone in the woods in a day and time where electricity no longer exists and modern conveniences are a thing of the past. The sisters survive the elements, battle hunger and emotional crisis, and even an unspeakable crime committed in their own home. Hmmmmm, after re-reading that it doesn't sound like a page turner, but trust me it is. THIS is why I can’t write good book reviews.

Now, tell us about your blog. What do you think might set it apart from others and why should we love you:

You should love me because you have to, Mimi said so. No, no, no. That came out all wrong.

Take two: I'm a loveable kind of gal. Mother of one, Step-Monster to another. Betrothed to a man allergic to laundry and dishes. Daughter to a biker/bar owner and an ex-hippie Cherokee Indian....I don't care what she says, Lil Mama was totally a hippie. Sister to a crazy woman with four children that should absolutely, undoubtedly be medicated. I'm a self-professed tree-huggin'-dirt-worshipper.

I originally started blogging to keep my family in the loop about my first pregnancy. Then I figured out this whole blog thing is a big deal. Now, I usually ramble about the goings on in our daily life and share the hilarity of a first time mother. I try to keep things upbeat and humorous, but there is the occasion where I'm honest about my post-baby blues, sleep deprivation, and sausage like physique. I hope we become your new favorite "Nabors".

Well said, Brandy! Your our favorite new "Nabor" for sure!

Now go check The Nabors Baby out!

Also: Don't forget to check back tomorrow when we'll announce the winner of the necklace, and announce next months book pick!!


  1. If this interview with Brandi doesn't convince you of how super cool she is, then take it from me when I say she is quite the nifty chic!! I would know... she is my bff in the whole wide world!! ;)

    Great blog!

  2. Kimert, I sent your payment through paypal. I totally paid her to say that.

  3. hey great interview!! i'll go check her out for sure!!

  4. I've read some of her blog and she seems like one cool chick! :) I love that she's allergic to laundry and dishes--me too!

    Thanks for being our first REAL interview!!

  5. Cant wait to go check her out!

  6. Now I wanna go check out that book about the 2 sisters...see?? Such a good way to get reccomendations for books you might have never known about! Thanks Brandy!