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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spoiler Alert Tuesday/Giveaway

So, friends, what do you think of Have A Little Faith so far??
I started reading it this weekend and I had to make myself put it down so that I wouldn't finish it before our first Spoiler Alert Tuesday!
Spoilers Below!!
Have you ever been, or are you now, at a point in your life where you distance yourself from religion or God?
Why do you think Mitch Albom walked away from the faith his parents had tried to instill in him after he left home?
By the way: if you don't have the book yet, go visit Maven at A Fabulously Good Life for your chance to win it! The deets are on her side bar.


  1. Well, I dont have the book yet, even though I ORDERED it on Thursday..or whenever that waa that you posted the title. Its supposedly been shipped by, but not here yet. I hate being behind the curve.

  2. I think that a lot of people distance themselves from God at some point in their lives. I did and suffered for years because of it. Now I realize the desperate need for God... for living and am truely blessed because he is in my life again.

  3. Uh oh, I somehow missed that there's a new book so I don't have it yet.

  4. I missed this one, too. I headed over to try to win it.

  5. Ok, I went over there but I think the contest already ended. I may have to check this book out. Seems like it could be interesting. Either way, I hope to get back on the book club train.

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  7. Sorry everyone!

    The contest ended Sunday - my reader Carla from St Simonds Island won it.

    I think walking away from faith is a natural thing some young people do - especially if they aren't experiencing something meaningful from the experience of their parents faith - which is what I think happened to Mitch Albom. However, because the foundation was already there, it was easier for him to reignite a sense of faith when something so incredibly meaningful presented itself.

    That's what I hope for with my son. I have laid the foundation so that when life gives him circumstances to embrace and explore his own faith, he will have everything his father and I gave him still inside.

    This month's contest winner will win the movie Julie and Julia - thanks for the plug!

  8. Why do people always check out the books I want from the library...dont they freaking know about the book club!!!??