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We will be reading one book a month. We will have weekly group discussions if you are interested with a final discussion at the end of the month. The new book choice for the following month will be posted at least two weeks before the beginning of the new month. You can pick and choose if you want to participate. We will have at least one giveaway each month for our readers! If you have any book suggestions, please email either Jessica or MiMi. We are in new territory, so we might have to work out some kinks as we go along. We hope you make new friends and have fun!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


We just wanted to let you know about next month's book pick so you can hopefully have it in time.

Part of the reason we are going with this book is because it's now a movie and I believe is coming out soon, or possibly may have already been released. We all know the book is usually better than the movie, so don't go see it until you've read it! This way you can be sadly disappointed that you wasted the money on seeing a dumb movie that didn't live up to the book. And, if you're like me, you'll be doubly sad that even though you knew the movie would suck, you still went to see it.

February's book is:

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
From Publishers Weekly:
Hot on the heels of True Believer and sequel At First Sight, Sparks returns with the story of ne'er-do-well-turned-army-enlistee John Tyree, 23, and well-to-do University of North Carolina special education major Savannah Lynn Curtis. John, who narrates, has been raised by a socially backward single postal-worker dad obsessed with coin collecting (he has Asperger's syndrome). John bypasses college for the overseas infantry; Savannah spends her college summers volunteering. When they meet, he's on leave, and she's working with Habitat for Humanity (he rescues her sinking purse at the beach). John has a history of one-night stands; Savannah's a virgin. He's an on-and-off drinker; she's a teetotaler. Attraction and values conflict the rest of the summer, but the deal does not close. Savannah longs for John to come home; her friend Tim longs to have a relationship with her. On the brink of John and Savannah's finally getting together, 9/11 happens, and John re-ups. Savannah's letters come less and less frequently, and before you know it, he receives the expected "Dear John" letter. Sparks's novel brims with longing.

We had a lot of positive feedback from our prior Nicholas Sparks book, so we felt it was safe to go with another. Also, the reality of so many men and women in the military and overseas right now makes it more relevant.
I promise (pinky swear) that new giveaways will be up soon.
Go get the book and join in for next month's read!

Click on the book to visit Amazon's page for Dear John.


  1. I'm reading this one right now!

  2. Ive read this one before...its a good one

  3. Right on, baby! I will go get it now. Thanks for the early release, MiMi!!

  4. Funny story- I checked out the book. Heard some girls talking about it last week (after I checked it out). Went home, started reading it, and realized I had already read it. So... I read the last few chapters again. It's a good read.

  5. I always love a Nicholas Sparks book. I even have a credit at my local bookstore so will pick this up right away.

  6. Yea, my in real life book club chose this book for this month too! So now I just have to read and talk about one book.

  7. Hi everyone! I just finished reading this book recently. I have a love/hate relationship with it. In the beginning, the story between John and Savannah is really sweet like puppy love but towards the end I had a big problem with how things were going. This was my first Nicholas Sparks book. Even though this book won't be on my re-read list...I am looking forward to the movie.

    I hope you all enjoy the book!

  8. This is what I get for not checking blogs everyday. I was in our local paper back exchange and they had a stack of Nicholas Sparks books. Hopefully when I go back, they will have this one.

  9. Yeah! MiMi, you pick the best books! :)

  10. Sounds like a good one. I'll try to pick it up this week.

  11. Hey girlfriends - this is $4.39 in paperback on Amazon available later this week. I get free shipping and would be happy to order for anyone that needs it. You can pay me on paypal if you want me to order. Let me know this week. - Kim

  12. Oh I really wabt to read this!!! And see the movie!