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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spoiler Alert Tuesday

Okay ladies, please don't kill me for this book choice. I have to apologize because I don't think it's a real engaging story. At least, for me, it isn't. What do you all think so far??
I hope someone likes it.
Here's the thing, if you haven't read this author before and this is the first book of hers that you are reading; don't let it stop you from reading her other novels.
Please read Me and Emma and But Inside I'm Screaming before you decide if you like her or not.

Spoilers Below!!
Do you have any idea what Henry could've done to make him feel so beholden to his parents? What could be bad enough to make him change his entire life and future plans?

***No giveaway this week; stay tuned for next week's giveaway.***


  1. I'll admit I was going to get the book but saw some very mixed reviews online. This book sounded like it wasn't up to par with her other stuff.

  2. I am almost done with the book I am reading now, and was going to pick up this book and join you all...but was feeling Id be too far I'll just wait for December's book. Will you be announcing it soon?

  3. Can't wait to rate this one...we are going to get to rate it aren't we? The Help got 5's 100%. My money is this one won't even get 1 star. Oh well a dud every now and then isn't so bad. Whats next months book going to be?

  4. I've read far enough to know why he's so dedicated to his family, but what I REALLY want to do know is what is up with his Mom?!?!!?! It's the only reason I keep reading. There is some redeeming quality to every book. I know this one will get us in the end and since I already read Me & Emma I know the author is good at unexpected endings. I'll hang in there!

  5. It's tough to read an author, not enjoy their work and then buy another book by the same author. On the flip side when I find an author I like I tend to buy all of their books.